header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting
header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting

Watercolors | Alexandria Levin

Works on Paper – Watercolor with Colored Pencil

In the spring of 2020 we had a lockdown, I stayed home, and when things eased, I briefly returned to my oil painting studio. But I could not keep it past early fall, also for pandemic reasons. However, a painter must paint, and I had some old watercolor tubes and a corner of a desk and so that would have to do... I miss oil something terrible, but I am taking this time as a challenge to reacquaint myself with watercolor. I’ve dabbled with this medium on and off over the years, but never really dedicated it to a practice. Until this past year. The old watercolor tubes and such have since been replaced with much better paints, archival papers, and new brushes. A new oil painting studio will happen sometime later in 2021. And I will be working in both going forward.

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• Choose which piece/s you would like to own, or give as a gift. Contact me via the email address on my contact page . First come, first serve, in order of emails received. If you have a second or third choice, let me know that too, in case your first choice sells before I have a chance to update the pages.
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• Please plan to add $8.00 per order for priority mailing costs and packaging materials for domestic orders. I can fit a few watercolors into each envelope.
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painting by Alexandria Levin

Trees and Forests

As I have written on the Home page and for the oil painting Landscape Stories section, trees have been a serious subject matter for me for quite awhile. There were metaphorical trees painted while living in PA (see the archives), and before that, I did a short series of Tree of Life paintings while living in New Mexico.

New watercolors from late 2020 to the present:
Watercolors of Trees and Forests

painting by Alexandria Levin

Other New Watercolors

There is much to explore, and so other things get the watercolor treatment as well, such as still-lifes, smoke landscapes, abstracts, and more.

New watercolors from late 2020 to the present:
Miscellaneous Watercolors

painting by Alexandria Levin

Earlier Watercolor Works

I took part in the #the100dayproject between April and July 2020, while being away from my painting studio during the early days of the pandemic. I decided to reacquaint myself with watercolors and various pencils at home, i.e. #randomworksonpaper.

Explore three categories on three separate pages:
Watercolor Abstracts
Watercolor Landscapes
Vertical Watercolors

For more watercolor works on paper:
Watercolors from Portland Open Studios 2020