header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting
header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting

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As with all the arts, a visual artist must keep working. Excellence only comes with excessive practice, and therefore many studies, sketches, and other experimental works are created in the process. I am offering this set of artwork to you below cost, so that you may easily acquire that which delights and/or inspires you.  Everything on these six pages is priced between $35. and $95. for an original piece of fine art, not including shipping. Prices are good through August 31, 2022.

Scroll down for the links to each of six SALE watercolor pages.

ORDERING INFORMATION – Same instructions as on the main watercolor page.
• Choose which piece/s you would like to own, or give as a gift. Contact me via the email address on my contact page . First come, first serve, in order of emails received. If you have a second or third choice, let me know that too, in case your first choice sells before I have a chance to update the page/s.
• Send me your mailing address for the artwork.
• I will then send you my Paypal email address (it is different from the one I use on my contact page). If you're not into Paypal, there are other methods. We'll figure it out.
• Please plan to add $9.00 per order for priority mailing costs and packaging materials for domestic orders. I can fit a few watercolors into each envelope.
Contact me for large orders, for express mail, or for international mailing.

painting by Alexandria Levin

Late 2020 to Mid-2021

This group of semi-recent watercolors includes botanicals, landscapes, and trees.

Miscellaneous Sale Watercolors – Set 1

painting by Alexandria Levin

100 Day Project – Landscapes

This selection consists of an assortment of watercolor landscape sketches.

Watercolor Landscapes

painting by Alexandria Levin

Mid-2021 thru 2022

These most recent watercolors include abstracts, pumpkins, trees, landscapes, and buildings.

Miscellaneous Sale Watercolors – Set 2

painting by Alexandria Levin

100 Day Project – Abstracts

This selection is comprised of playful and experimental abstracts.

Watercolor Abstracts

painting by Alexandria Levin

PDX Open Studios 2020

A selection of watercolor trees and pumpkins created for PDX Open Studios 2020 – Virtual Edition.

Watercolors from Portland Open Studios 2020

painting by Alexandria Levin

100 Day Project – Verticals

This selection includes a few landscapes, but is mostly abstracts.

Vertical Watercolors