header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting
header image detail of Alexandria Levin painting

News & Other Notes | Alexandria Levin


Spring Show 2024
Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery
1237 SW 10th Ave., Portland, OR
Click here for more info.

Another Artwork Film Appearance
My painting, Crossroads, has been selected to be in a new movie called "Let's Have Kids", currently being filmed in Portland.

I was curated into Loupe, which is a visual art experience in a streaming platform. How cool is that? Update: They have recently added 17 more of my paintings! #loupeart
Click here to shop for high-quality prints of my work at Loupe.

Loupe – Alexandria Levin


Late September 2024
A new exhibit is in the works in downtown Portland, where I will be showing one oil painting and two watercolors. More info to come this summer.


Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery
There is always something of mine on display at the Rental Sales Gallery, on the walls, in the racks, and/or in the back room. Ask them. My artist page is here.

Instagram!I have a strictly-art-and-other-creative-postings Instagram account. Click the Instagram icon below for a direct link to my page.

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Revised Art Studio Newsletter
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December 2021  – Coronavirus
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Waterknot Cards
Three of my paintings have been chosen for greeting cards with Waterknot Cards, based in Portland. There will be more to come later this spring.
Click here to order these cards at Waterknot.

My painting, Pink Rabbit Thing, is the cover art for the Symbolists' album: Devil On My Shoulder. More info here: https://thesymbolists.bandcamp.com/releases

This fairly new website
This very site was recently designed and developed in the CSS Grid Layout – And I can create a custom site for you too! Click here for my print and web design portfolio.

Selected Recent Events

I had a long list of scheduled, but since cancelled, curtailed, and postponed exhibitions and other events lined up for 2020 and 2021... Which is why this recent list is somewhat short.

Fall Show 2023
Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

Spring Show 2023
Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery

City of Portland Art Collection
My painting, Bitten, was curated into the City of Portland's art collection, late Spring 2022.

"Perspectives" – A Four-Artist Exhibition
Walters Cultural Art Center, Hillsboro, OR
February 1 to March 18, 2022
Click here for more info.

Mount Hood: Contemporary Art Views
Pittock Mansion, Portland, OR
February to November 15, 2020

One of my paintings was chosen for the set of a Netflix movie: "All Together Now". Lava Poppies can be seen in three scenes, and is placed inside the front door of the blue house.

Subjectiv, a Pacific Northwest online journal of contemporary arts and literature, has selected five of my oil paintings for their Fall 2020 issue.
Click here to see.

2020 Portland Open Studios
PDXOS was exclusively online this year for a virtual tour.

2020 Peace of My Heart Art Show
A Benefit Exhibtion for CraneAge
Portland'5 Center for the Arts
March, 2020

Artslandia Box
My painting, Azalea #12, was the featured work of art in the Artslandia Box for the month of February, 2018. For more info, please click here: artslandiabox.com

Many more recent events can be found listed on the Artist CV page.