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These are among the first post-graduation paintings. I painted better almost right away. I just needed to be out on my own. The Tiananmen Square protests happened within a few weeks of graduation, and had a strong effect on me.

The painting to the right, springtime in industrial wasteland; it has taken me all this time to be able to get what I was after then visually. And I’m still working on it. I saw no conflict with painting both in a narrative figurative manner and abstractly as well, having different strings vibrating at the same time. I still don’t. It goes against having that one thing you do and that’s that, over and over again until you glaze over from boredom and cease to be an artist.

Painting by Alexandria LevinPainting by Alexandria LevinPainting by Alexandria Levin

Above Left: The Tiananmen Square Massacre as Seen on My Black and White TV, © Alexandria Levin, 1989 – oil on canvas, 25x30"
Above Center: The White Chrysanthemum, © Alexandria Levin, 1989 – oil on canvas, 30x25" (private collection)
Above Right: Primavera, © Alexandria Levin, 1990 – oil on canvas, 21x40"

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