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My artwork now has a Facebook page at Alexandria Levin – Art Studio. Click to LIKE, and choose 'posts to appear in timeline'. I am posting at most twice week, I'll keep it interesting and I won't clutter your timeline.



Most of the paintings on this site are available for sale, unless stated as 'private collection' or 'collection of artist'. All paintings have been created to be as archival as current knowledge allows.

The prices for the representational critters and still-lifes, not including shipping and insurance, range from $900 to $2500 (with one exception). The prices for the abstract paintings, not including shipping and insurance, range from $275 to $2500.

Prices for all paintings on panel include frames. Framing costs are additional for the paintings on paper. All sales are final.

Similar work is available that is not on this site. Please ask. Commissioned work will also be considered. Please ask.



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I will grant permission for re-posting images to Pinterest, or art-related blogs for reviews or promotion of my work, as long as my full name, copyright notice and a link back to this website are included.You do not need to contact me first for these two purposes (with full credit given only), but I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

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One Dry Pint of Happy by Alexandria Levin

I’m curled up on the sofa
like a question mark
one shoe fallen off to represent the dot
I guess I’m posing questions
except for when I’m not


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