This is a portal site; highlighting graphic design and illustrated lyric poetry. The complete portfolio page is for presenting affordable and professional graphic design and website development, including client testimonials. The lyric poetry section is simply for the fun of it, and is for you to enjoy.

Painted Jay Books for Artists and Other Creative Folks
Unique and informative books for artists on how to price artwork and for developing an unlimited source of creativity; written, produced and published by artist Alexandria Levin. Drawing Out the Muses and Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence are now available as ebooks on both Nook and Kindle. Pricing Your Artwork with Confidence is now available in print at Amazon.

Ms. Levin's author page at Amazon.

Alexandria Levin – Art Studio
Facebook fan page for Alexandria's artwork, creativity and works-in-progress.

An independent and different sort of art blog; a place to opine, wax poetic, share inspiration and vent steam. Bright Pink Smile offers advice, musings and monthly creativity exercises. It is about being an artist and is written for artists and other curious folks.

Photographer Jonathan Lane’s website. Specializing in fine art and commissioned photography, event photography and archival photography for artists.

Paintings by the intriguing artist Jenn Warpole.
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Artwork by the multi-talented James Tafel Shuster.
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Fine art photography by the wonderfully perceptive Brian King.
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Outstanding digital photography and figure drawing by Mashiul Chowdhury.
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Stunning watercolors by artist Cathy Hozack.
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Double Evergreen by Alexandria Levin


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