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Guatemala, dream space, New Mexico. Place is becoming critical. Places also have their stories, built into layers.

I traveled to Mexico and Guatemala in 1990, and found myself walking around the streets of my dream painting from the previous year. One Possible Cairo was also from a dream. Painting dream space is one of the most difficult things to do. By the end of 1993 I was beginning to think about my next move, and Santa Fe was on the short list.

Painting by Alexandria LevinPainting by Alexandria LevinPainting by Alexandria Levin

Above Left: Debajotenango, © Alexandria Levin, 1990 – oil on canvas, 42x31"
Above Center: One Possible Cairo, © Alexandria Levin, 1991 – oil on canvas, 33x44"
Above Right: Fairyland, © Alexandria Levin, 1994 – oil on canvas, 32x25"

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